Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Crowders are Moving to Canada!

It’s official. The Crowders are selling out and crossing the border.

Our family has begun liquidating our possessions and moving south to Mission, B.C., Canada where we will be based for six months of overseas mission work. I (John) will be assisting with evangelistic campaigns and prophetic conferences around the world. The children are excited about the move, and it comes as a result of supernatural provision and the fulfillment of a 10-year prophetic dream I received in 1995.

Cleaning Out the Father’s Laboratories

Ten years ago, roughly around the time when I was radically converted and delivered, I asked God to speak to me for the first time. I asked God for a dream.

That night, I found myself sitting across from Jesus Christ Himself in a dream. Jesus was sitting cross-legged in front of me, and we were both in a trailer. The Lord gave me my first commission and said:

“For 10 years, I want you to clean out My Father’s laboratories.”

At first, I thought the dream came from my own imagination, but it stuck with me for years. I knew that it represented a decade of purging, cleansing, refining – and the laboratories represented testing and development of new ministry, spiritual gifts, etc. It also dealt with my role in cleansing His church. At first, I didn’t know why God would have to conduct experiments. But God’s experiments always work.

The fact that we were in a trailer told me that 10 years of financial testing would be ahead, after which would come a season of rapid release in both ministry and finances. Sure enough, seven years later, we ended up in a literal trailer! At that point, we began counting down the hours and minutes until that decade was over! But it was all part of the purging process to prepare the family for what was ahead.

While I conducted ministry throughout this decade-long period, I knew that my best years were still ahead. The miracles and level of anointing on my ministry increased significantly as time went on, beyond what I had ever experienced.

Well, as it turns out, this summer marks 10 years ago exactly that I had the dream. Just a few weeks ago, I received a call from a friend offering to give us half the value of his yacht, valued at $58,000! This will sponsor the six months of travel needed for our program! This was the first fruits of the release of provision the Lord had promised.

In the same week, I received a call from Destiny Image Publishers, who said they are interested in publishing my book, The New Mystics. This will enable the book to reach a nationwide, even international audience. And before the week was over, another friend called to say he is interested in sponsoring an entire evangelistic crusade for us next year!

It seems that God’s grace and favor has suddenly become unavoidable on our lives! Even in small, ordinary things, it seems He is prospering us. For instance, we had a simple garage sale the other day and it brought in thousands of dollars.

All in all, it is truly humbling, yet exhilarating to see the fulfillment of the Lord’s promise, and to see His faithfulness to complete the good work He began in us.

Our Upcoming Itinerary

Our schedule for traveling can be found online at our Web site’s itinerary page. During the next six months, I will travel in and out of Mission, where the family will be based.
These types of overseas campaigns generally bring in tens, if not hundreds of thousands of souls into the Kingdom. For instance, a campaign in India last year resulted in 300,000 decisions for Christ! And the level of the miraculous that God releases is phenomenal.

Please pray for us as we venture out for the harvest!

SOT Releases The New Mystics Limited Edition

Prior to signing with Destiny Image, I had scheduled a first-run print of 1,000 copies of The New Mystics to be published by Sons of Thunder. This will be the only self-published run of the book I can print, prior to next April, when the book will be officially published as a Destiny Image featured release.

The book will be available by the end of the month. It focuses heavily on the Joel’s Army generation – the last day church that moves in power and supernatural authority. It offers an arsenal of biographies and photos – men and women whose lives demonstrated miracles, signs, wonders and the phenomenal. Their individual lives serve as blueprints of the authority and intimacy an entire corporate church will one day possess. The book is currently available for sale on our Web site, while supplies last.

John Works With Destiny Image for Publication

As we mentioned, Destiny Image is interested in taking on the book, which will be a huge blessing in terms of getting the message to the body of Christ as a whole. Destiny has published perhaps the most impacting prophetic ministries in the body today: Rick Joyner, Mahesh Chavda, Bill Johnson, John Sanford and many others. So for us, this is a huge honor.

Patricia King prophesied to Lily last year that the book had a lot of oil on it, and that it was a timely word for the body. She said that we should be praying specifically into the distribution end of things, and that is what we did. It looks like our prayers are paying off. We prayed specifically about which publisher to send it to, and we only sent off one manuscript: to Destiny Image. Destiny receives 1,500 manuscripts a year but only publishes about five new authors a year. The fact that they chose the book is incredible, and they even offered us a three-book contract.

Joint Auction Fund-Raising Send-Off Book-Signing Party!

Coming up Aug. 27, we are having an auction/fund-raiser/send-off party/book signing. That’s a mouthful!

For those in the Homer, Alaska area, we hope to say goodbye to all our friends before heading off to Mission. A number of local businesses and organizations have graciously donated goods and services to auction off as a fund raiser for our ministry.

This will be a citywide event, with comedy routines, a multi-media presentation and just a lot of fun. We will discuss our itinerary over the next six months as well. I will also be signing copies of The New Mystics, and we will be officially releasing the book there. For details about time and location, visit our itinerary page.