Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Presence & Power of God Invading Europe

With so much happening in the nations, we are literally having a hard time keeping up with all the testimonies. In the first half of this year, we visited Europe a number of times, and are excited to report the stirrings of God in a number of regions there.

In May, we traveled to Wales for Sloshfest with our associates at Emerge Wales, and participated in some of the most intense movements of the Spirit we have ever seen in Europe. As God began to erupt in the meetings, we saw more than 600 people shaking, trembling and overcome in a mass corporate trance that lasted for hours each night. This was far more than a healing, prophetic or teaching conference. God showed up, and at times, it could only be described as an enormous Holy Ghost mosh pit! Little old ladies were literally being passed overhead as they crowd surfed over the congregation. The music lasted for hours, as the Glory was too strong to attempt a preach.

As wave after wave of God’s Glory pounded the place, a man walked into the building off the streets and his deafness instantly vanished as he was able to hear. No one even prayed for him! This same man put about $3 in the offering that night (everything he had) and supernaturally, he received $20,000 from donors who emailed him that very night. There were not only healings, money miracles and numerous people being set free from religious depression, but there were also salvations. Drug users began walking in off the streets after hearing the loud commotion and being drawn by the Spirit of God. As they gave their lives to the Lord, they kept coming back night after night, having experienced genuine encounter with a life-changing God!

As these were some of the most powerful demonstrations of God’s manifest presence we have seen for some time, we extended the meetings for a few extra days before coming home. We would encourage you to check out what God is doing in Wales with our close friends and associates at Emerge Wales by visiting

Emerge Report of Welsh Wildfire

Here is a synopsis of the Sloshfest meetings from the Emerge team:

Hundreds gathered in Llanelli these last few days for Sloshfest '08. All we can say is that it was a Holy Spirit breakout. A trance like realm and intoxication was released that just took over the meetings. During worship on Friday night it exploded and the Spirit of revival fell. Many were laughing and crying all at the same time. Some who'd been to Lakeland said they again felt that special presence again. Some received a baptism of love. God released several spontaneous songs. One of them was that we can’t handle Him. What He is going to do is out of our control and we can't handle it. John Crowder called it a historic night. Georgian and Winnie Banov were supposed to minister but stepped back. Here's how Dave Vaughan explained it to a friend in the States...

"Man it was crazy, there was such expectation from the people, more than I have ever felt. There were probably about 600 or more there, it was wild. The revival spirit came in on the Friday night so strong that Georgian wasn't needed to preach, and Winnie said that what was happening was beyond her and that we needed to run with this!! It was a trance like Glory, hundreds were swaying in it like a flock of birds, they were all trancing out and having visions, people started to get spontaneously healed in the Glory, it was amazing!”

I personally have been in a lot of crazy stuff - we spent five months in Toronto during the revival there in 1997 - but this was another realm. Having surfed the net we found what Morningstar are experiencing right now sounds very similar. Listen to this blog from Leonard Jones on MySpace...

“One interesting thing that's been happening at our nightly meetings is people are getting some dramatic healings but they're not sure who it was that prayed for them because the whole crowd is moving around kind of like a mosh-pit in slow motion, praying for anything that moves. You can hardly tell who's leading worship or who's singing what and yet there's this amazing congruity to everything and God is a wrecking ball in this place. Time to get wrecked!”

If you know Morningstar this is VERY unusual. They are an awesome group of guys but the meetings are usually very well ordered. This is a Holy Spirit breakout! It sounds just like what we're seeing here. People moving together praying for each other getting wrecked. Healings and miracles just happening in the atmosphere.

There can be no doubt that the revival Spirit is now moving in the land. We are seeing so many people get wrecked - even those who haven't felt God before. The healings are continuing. Here's an update from the Antioch guys - they are hosting healing clinics this week in Llanelli (where Sloshfest took place) …

“I was doing an art workshop in Llanelli and asked one of the women, Cheryl, who uses a motorised scooter if I could pray for her. She has wasting muscles at the back of her knee and it was pointy, Prayed by putting my hand on the back of her knee where the pain was. She felt fire go through to the front of her knee, her knee cap moved. She got up and moved around and it felt better. Prayed for her again and she said it felt weird, then she said that it felt like something was being stretched in her knee. She rolled up her jeans and her knees looked exactly the same - the muscle had grown back and the knee cap had moved into place! She got up, no pain! She was in shock and felt bad because she hadn't talked to God in years!”

Here's what one woman from England said about what is going on here in Wales...

“OH MY GOD!!!! You broke ALL the rules!! HOW many crimes against religion did you guys commit?!! HA HA HA!! That was THE BEST EVENT EVEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!! I have always wanted to go to a Holy Spirit party and do trance dancing!! I have pages of cool words and visions! They were not huge, panoramic out of body things yet – but I experienced things that I haven't before. They would seem quite minor compared to those of Todd Bentley and others but I am on the road to them! I danced with Jesus for the first time ever, I saw angels with trumpets, I saw a bottle being poured out for me to drink (and I did! I didn't get totally wasted but it was a bit. People asked if I was OK because when they asked me a question I just sat there and slowly tried to speak! And I just sat and stared at my jeweled arm thing for ages because it was sparkly!!) I think an angel poked me and healed me but I have to wait and see. I saw Jesus at the front of the church on Sunday morning (in my head, not with my physical eyes.) I saw a beautiful female angel step out of the clouds (in my head ) and I saw God wearing a beautiful jeweled crown and He took it off and it turned into a chalice! (again, in my head)”

and again another email just come in...

“Hey Justin, and Emerge Wales team :D We arrived back in the North East of England ( Stockton on Tees ) at 6 am this morning. We went to church to impart what we received and it's been an awesome experience. The Holy Spirit is hitting people all over the place. One woman doesn't usually come on a Sunday and she came and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. It was class... she kept saying.." wwoooooo what's happening to me... wwooooo " Totally cool. Our Leaders are hungry too. They're making space for God to come and do His thang!!! People are being healed of deep emotional pain and abuse. God is working here too. On Saturday evening you mentioned that it was no longer the breaker angel, it’s already broken out. Well we took that and believed it in at out church. We needed that for so long and tonight, to have our leadership humble themselves before the King and allow him in is awesome. The sweet, sweet Jesus was loving people up all over the place. AWwwwwww Yeah! It is a love revolution. Bless you all so very verrrry much. I have never experienced Jesus so intimately before. I saw visions of places, I played in the glory like a 4 year old. Wow, it felt so liberating and beyond free. I have Jesus running through my veins and it feels ggrrrreeeeeeaaaaaattttttttt ...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you guys all so much.”

This wild fire is for the whole nation - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Bob Jones said when the four nations come together healing would be released across the land. At Sloshfest the four nations stood together for this to take place. This is a nation united in the glory and fires of revival. We are going to find our true apostolic identity as a nation again. Europe is going to burn as this fire intensifies and a new breed of glory carriers are sent wild wandering through the nations.

The last night (of extended meetings) in Cardiff a prophetic glory came and Natasha Vaughan a fifteen year old from Pontypool took over the meeting. Tash operated in words of knowledge and the Holy Spirit just wrecked people. Afterwards someone pointed out it was significant because it was a fifteen year old girl who brought revival into Cardiff in 1904. History being continued right here and now! Tash was even prophesying over the phone hours after the meeting.

If you've been watching Lakeland Todd and Bob have both prophesied that the Welsh revival is being released now. There can be no doubt at all by any measure this is NOW taking place. Jeff Jansen said it is here. He heard the Lord say it would be called the NEW Welsh Revival. He had a visit from an angel at 3:41 in the morning - this is the number God uses when He is saying to Jeff it is a blank cheque - ask and it shall be given.

Here's an email from an emerge subscriber in the States...

"My spirit was doing somersaults last night when I heard Todd Bentley make the ‘proclamation’ of the WELSH REVIVAL!! If you were able to see the Lakeland Outpouring last night, you probably noticed how the LORD kept hammering on ‘proclaim a thing and it shall be established.’ What an absolutely PURRFECT time for your meeting!! Though I am not able to be with you, you can be sure this long lost cousin is praying for WALES here in Atkinson, Illinois. May Winds of Change set aflame the hearts of the people. As I was praying for Wales this morning, I saw thousands of sheep making their way down craggy mountainsides and heading towards their True Shepherd. When they were safely within the confines of the True Sheepfold, the True Shepherd poured oil all down their backs. This oil killed all parasites and diseases and also served as a repellent from predators who had plagued their lives. I pray that God will raise up Honest and True Shepherds in Wales and all over the world who ‘count the sheep’ and will not feed the sheep muddied water but pure, rivers of living water from the very throne of God. May God multiply His anointing upon you as you heal the sick, raise the dead and set the captives free! I read that God had told Denny Cline from Albany, Oregon that this revival in his church would have ten times the impact than the one he had a few years back that lasted 3 years. I pray for you, that you will experience 10 times the power of the anointing on the 1904 Welsh Revival with Evan Roberts. That it will shut down entire cities and regions as the Fires of revival hit every inch of Wales, even spilling over into all the Celtic countries. I pray that Wales will be the first ENTIRE country taken for the Glory of Our wonderful LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!!! From the North to the South, and From the East to the West of Wales....I claim every square inch of it for His Abode!!! Stand strong and see what the LORD is going to do!!”

This is a highly contagious glory intoxication and it is spreading. Many came from around the UK and have taken it back to their churches. Gold dust, oil, signs and wonders will become the norm as we remain in His presence. If we honour the Dove He will continue to honour us. It is HIS revival, HIS breakthrough, HIS wild fire.

Late but Great Report on Belgium Outreach!

Besides our time spent in Wales, I was also in Belgium earlier this year – a predominantly Catholic nation that is in dire need of a move of God. Justin Abraham of Emerge Wales joined me for this event as well, and below is his report of that trip:

Brussels is the unofficial capital of Europe. Just wandering around the streets you can see the moral and spiritual decay that has set into this continent. Our hosts showed us around. One area of the city was a row of shop windows with prostitutes in their underwear enticing people to come in. I had never seen anything like it before. This was going on in broad daylight with mothers and children going about their daily lives. Unbelievable.

We really felt God's heart for these women. That is not God's plan for them - these are people's sisters, daughters and even wives. How has this happened? We heard that Antwerp also has the same problem. God wants to restore dignity and honour to these precious woman. We have been invited to mobilize a team to go back there to impact those tied up in this industry. If that is something you feel called to let us know. We will need women for that type of trip as it is far too sketchy for men to be on the front line for obvious reasons.

Throughout Brussels you can see Islam. It is rising and there were Moslems everywhere. God has brought the harvest to our door. We went out onto the streets to reach the lost. I stood up in the middle of a food area in the train station and preached heaven was at hand. The security guys tried to stop us but it was too late, the hungry people wanted prayer. I told them there was no law against it! They said people can go to church if they want God. I told them Jesus went to the people. They couldn't stop us. We saw people crying as God moved on them. It was powerful. Other members of the team had similar experiences and some people fell under the power, others accepted Jesus as Lord throwing beer cans into the bin. Some of the team gave out roses and totally disarmed people with God's love. The harvest is ripe across Europe but will we go? Our hearts are burning for the lost. I cannot explain the groan we now feel. This movement is going way beyond conferences, renewal and events, it is going to the most broken, lost and hungry places in the nations. The gospel will be preached to the poor. These are days of outrageous grace on a broken generation.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

New Children's Home Video & Project Update

We hope you enjoy this brief video of the Sons of Thunder Children’s Home, which we recently visited and launched near Mumbai, India. We are so excited to share in the Father’s heart for the fatherless, and we cannot help but be overwhelmed by the abandonment of His love for all of us when we consider the poor and broken of the world.
We want to update you on the most recent progress of the facility construction, as well as a few changes we are making to upgrade our child sponsorship program.

More Building More Kids
For those who have been a part of this project to date, you will be excited to learn that our children’s home is much larger than we originally planned. Although we began with initial blueprints for a 30-child capacity building, an architectural “accident” caused our floor plan to turn out much larger. Apparently, the Lord wanted us to rescue 20 more kids from the streets, because we will now be able to house 50 children in the home! We do not want a large, warehouse-type orphanage that clinically runs these children through. Instead, we are trying to foster a “home” type environment. So although we will have more space to save the lives of more children, our focus will still remain intimate and caring. We will have room for house parents to live on each floor of the new building, and the added square-footage will even allow for a guest room and office space.

Raising the Upper Room
Currently, the ground floor of our facility is virtually complete, although we are now in the process of plumbing and wiring it, so that children can begin to move in. Our hope is to have funds raised within the next few months to complete construction of the second story. Our international missions team visited the site a few months ago. At that time, building crews had already plastered the interior and tiled the floors of the first level, but the upper floor construction has been on hold for the past few months. Construction is now underway again, and we have another big project ahead of us: a boundary wall!

Help us Build the Wall!
Our children’s home director Joshua Immanuel feels it is very important that we construct a boundary wall around the perimeter of our property for a number of reasons. For one, it ensures the children’s safety from intruders, but it also keeps them from wandering off or getting into danger. In addition, there are wetlands around the area, and Joshua says there are many poisonous snakes!

In addition to the wall, we will also be funding further needs for the facility, including furniture, bedding and other interior supplies. The Lord is releasing provision every step of the way! We began the project by faith with hardly any of the needed budget. When the Lord gives you a vision, don’t wait for all the resources to be lined up in front of you. Step out by faith! You will watch and see the Lord do tremendous things and you will impact many lives when you take the risk to do the thing He’s called you to complete.

Changes to Child Sponsorship
One of the things we have felt is imperative to do is upgrade our child sponsorship program to $50 per month per child. While we had set an earlier estimate of $33 per month, we have since realized this would not be adequate for the level of care we choose to give our children. Besides the fluctuation of U.S. currency abroad, along with standard inflation and cost of living, there are more reasons for this: we want to ensure that the children are properly educated, given necessary medical treatment, properly clothed and well fed. While we originally underestimated what it would cost to cover each child’s needs, be assured that this is still an incredibly low cost to save the life of a child. Furthermore, you can rest assured that Sons of Thunder keeps no administrative fees whatsoever from funds marked for child sponsorship or gifts marked specifically for the children’s home. In fact, we have unloaded quite a bit from our own general fund to get this project moving! So we appreciate you working with us to make a practical Kingdom impact on real lives.

We Want a Million Kids
After completion of this project, our vision is to begin construction on another children's home on the continent of Africa. Please be in prayer with us about this work, as many children are without the most basic necessities of life. Every day, there are more than 16,000 children who die of hunger-related causes. That is one child every five seconds. And more than 800 million go hungry each day. Around the world, more than 11 million children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes, simply because they are too poor to stay alive.

Here at Sons of Thunder, caring for the orphan and the widow will never be a fleeting project or a one-time event. We will continually spend ourselves on the helpless. We will remember the poor. We will never cease to snatch victims from the fangs of the wicked. We do not care one iota about building our own kingdoms or pumping our own little ministry as an end in itself. Such things will be here today and gone tomorrow. We have a higher mandate in mind. Our purpose is to rally the troops to destroy the works of the devil. This is war. All-out war against poverty, sin, sickness and death. We want to rally that remnant of the church that really wants to impact society in our generation so we can work together and corporately make a lasting difference!

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of our kids, and we know beyond measure that the Lord will pour tremendous favor and blessing upon you all as you give to these little ones!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Glory Explosions in the Holy Land

We recently returned from a powerful time of explosive breakthrough in the Holy Land, reaching into some of the hardest places of the world with the good news of the Kingdom and spilling the love and joy of Jesus everywhere we went. We ministered both to muslims and Jews, holding outreaches in Palestinian refugee camps in Bethlehem, as well as hosting a powerful Glory conference in Jerusalem. Besides that, we also saw the Lord release spontaneous waves of revival in the streets.

Ministering to Palestinian children.

Palestinian Outreaches in the Danger Zone
Joining up with ministers Georgian Banov, David Herzog and Che Ahn, our team of more than 100 crazy Holy Spirit junkies ministered openly in one of the most intense seedbeds of islamic suicide bombers and terrorists. We were able to feed and share the gospel with more than 500 muslim girls, as well as pray for hundreds of Palestinian schoolboys. We also brought food – rice, flour, groceries, etc. – to widows. This was such a volatile area, the last time the Banovs came here, there were Israeli military officials that marveled at the fact they came back out alive! Jesus has called us to bless our enemies, and it is the love of God that can radically transform their lives!
Lily with muslim girls.

Because we ministered to orphans and widows, we were able to receive special access from PLO leaders to go right into the refugee camps. This was in Bethlehem, one of the most volatile places on the planet in recent years. In fact, the hall in which we met was painted with huge murals, glorifying islamic suicide bombers. But the Lord allowed us to speak to these children and share the love of Christ – even President George Bush had been denied access to speak to these children in past visits!

In addition to ministering to refugees, we also held a conference for the Christians and pastors in Bethlehem. There were believers that traveled all the way from Gaza Strip, including a young Christian man whose brother was killed for his faith only two months before. Many of the Arab Christians were noticeably touched by the demonstrative worship, the atmosphere of celebration and the loving joy of Jesus that the team brought. Most had never seen such dancing, outward affection, manifestations of the Holy Spirit and open displays of happiness in worship.

Fire tunnel at an ancient synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus preached.

A Drunken Mess in the Streets
Perhaps the highlight of the trip for many was the atmosphere of Holy Ghost drunkenness that pervaded the entire tour, just about everywhere we went – not just in the meetings. At times, we would have huge pileups of bodies, shaking, twitching and laughing under the Spirit’s power right in public. In one Arab restaurant, the team caused such a loud, obnoxious drunken scene that our associate Dave Vaughan had to get up and preach to explain that it all came from God. Four of the six Arab workers gave their lives to the Lord on the spot, including the owner of the building, who said it was the best day of his life!

Restaurant Glory “pile up” as God broke loose & souls were saved.

The Glory was so strong at all of the holy sites we visited, it was difficult to keep ourselves tamed or toned down. We caused quite a few religious devils to manifest just about everywhere we went as docents and curators tried to shush us. But the joy was uncontainable. I thought we would be arrested at the site of the Upper Room, when we could not quiet down our supernatural joy and I would not stop preaching, despite the warnings from an Israeli military guard. We also saw spontaneous outbreaks of the Glory in public along the Sea of Galilee, on the Mount of Olives and at the Pools of Bethesda, where we unexpectedly ran into a huge group of Indonesian believers who were just as wild and crazy as we were. Our groups came together in an unplanned chorus of worship that crossed the language barrier, praying for one another as bodies hit the ground and people were left shaking under the power of God.

Another public Glory pile-up on the Mount of Olives.

Jerusalem Conference
The last three days of the tour, we held a conference in Jerusalem to bless Israel and minister to the people there. There were a number of miracles, healings and demonstrations of God’s love and power that took place. A number of Jews came to know the Lord throughout the course of the tour, and we literally brought dancing to the streets of Jerusalem. We saw a number of young Messianic Jewish believers radically filled and whacked up by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support, and we hope to have you join us on an upcoming mission trip or a conference in an area near you!

Eating falafels with a massive glow-in-the-dark rosary.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thousands Saved in India Miracle Crusades

Blessings as you launch into the New Year! We would like to share with you some recent stories of what the Lord did at our India miracle crusades in December, where we literally saw thousands make decisions for Christ.

There was a tremendous level of the miraculous and an outpouring of harvest Glory as Sons of Thunder hosted four nights of Jesus Miracle Festivals in Mumbai and Aurangabad, India. Everyone on the international team was used by God to work supernatural demonstrations of the kingdom. We simply followed the mandate of Luke 10:8-9, where Jesus instructs us: Whatever city you enter, and they receive you … heal the sick there, and say to them, “The kingdom of God has come near to you” (NKJV).

For a short video presentation of the miracle crusades, Click Here or the image below:

Cripples Walk, Blind See, Deaf Hear, Demons Cast Out

Throughout the course of the crusades, many people reported that cancers and tumors had disappeared or dissolved from their bodies. Breast cancers, tumors in the abdomen and face and other growths vanished. One woman had a tumor on her head, but as the power of God touched her, she felt as if water ran down through her body and the cancer was gone! Another woman had breast cancer for four years which had spread throughout her body. She testified that the Lord had healed her.

Some of the more dramatic miracles included cripples and lame persons regaining their ability to walk. One woman was unable to walk for six years. Another man had been lame for three years. In Mumbai, one woman was twisted up with a metal rod in her back, but she straightened out and began walking normally. Surely, the “power of the Lord was present to heal them!” (Luke 5:17, NKJV).

We saw the Lord heal a number of deaf and mute people. Some were deaf since birth, and many were children. People reported their hearing restored after three, four and five years. Vision was also restored to a number of eyes. We could not count all of the backs, legs, joints and other healings that were reported over the course of the week. Besides that, the team cast out a number of devils and many were delivered of oppression. Jesus said: if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you (Mt. 12:28, NKJV).

New Teeth Grow, Gold Teeth Appear
Besides “ordinary” healings, we also saw a number of unusual creative miracles. Several people reported that new teeth grew into their heads after a word of knowledge was released to this effect. There were also a number of gold fillings that came into people’s teeth.
One person in Aurangabad reported four new gold teeth, and in an email following the crusades, we discovered that another person had six gold teeth!

Angry Mobs Try to Shut Down Meetings
After a fiery meeting in which our associate Jason Pardue exhorted everyone to turn from their idolatry, our coordinators had to pay off some individuals who tried to call in a mob to shut us down.

Later in the week, while John was preaching in Aurangabad, a mob of angry Hindus gathered outside to force a stop to our meeting. We refused to stop the meeting unless we were forcibly dragged from the stage. John continued to do three altar calls and many people were healed that night. Although the mob beat up several of the volunteer staff, they eventually left and hundreds were added to the Kingdom that night!

Sons of Thunder Children’s Home is Launched
One of the highlights of the trip was the launching of the Sons of Thunder Children’s Home. We are still constructing the second story of the facility as funds come in, but the first floor has reached a level of completion so that the children can begin moving in by the end of the month. We also hope to build a protective wall around the property for the children’s safety and we are presently in need of furnishings. The most exciting news is that the project is nearly twice its original size – meaning that we will be able to accommodate up to 50 children! We will share more about the children’s home in our next update, along with video footage of the kids.

Help us Reach One Million Souls!
We were so impressed by the hunger of the Indian people that we hope to launch another evangelistic campaign next year to reach one million souls with the good news of the Kingdom! Please pray and believe with us as we consider this endeavor. We would also like to thank all of our partners and supporters who made this recent trip possible, and we know that the fruit of all these salvations and changed lives are a direct result of your friendship!

Please consider joining us on a future Sons of Thunder mission trip. Applications are still being received for our February trip to Israel. We will be doing outreaches to the poor in Muslim refugee camps as well has touring and hosting Glory conferences in the Holy Land in partnership with Georgian & Winnie Banov, David Herzog, Che Ahn and Jeff Jansen. Click Here for more information.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sloshed in the U.K., Harvest Glory hits the Streets

I have just returned from England and Wales where we saw firstfruits of a massive explosion of harvest the Lord is beginning to release on the streets. There was also a tremendous weight of Glory on the meetings as our European associates, Emerge Wales, hosted "Slosh Fest," a time of experiencing the drunken bliss of Jesus!

Prior to Sloshie, we ventured to Bristol for three days of wildfire gatherings. I must say that the week was a blur. There was a deep realm of divine ecstasy that opened during the gatherings. Many were equipped and activated in the supernatural, along with a powerful release of prophetic revelation.
Thirty Saved in the Marketplace
We brought a team of crazies out on the streets for an afternoon of fishing in Bristol, home base of the great revivalist John Wesley. The culture of the U.K. may be known for its reserved demeanor, but the people are hungry and the harvest is ripe! We took a dozen ecstatic drinkers with us onto Queen Street and had a Holy Ghost party. Bodies started to hit the pavement, with men and women shaking and convulsing powerfully under the heavy weight of the Glory. It did not take long for a crowd to gather. I felt the Lord say, "Don't think about harvest; think about me!" The more I got hammered at the thought of Jesus, the more drunk I got, and the more people stopped to watch us. We led 30 people to Christ in just two hours because of the crazy drunken bliss in the streets!

Mass Glory Outbreaks on the Streets
There is a harvest Glory being released in this day, which makes evangelism not a task but a delight. We will just float down the street in the Glory, and the little fishies will jump into our boats! Going to the streets and the marketplace becomes an addiction for those who begin to taste this harvest Glory. We long to offer Jesus every delicacy – to give him the sweet fruit of intimacy, but also the fields of harvest.The hearts of lovers must carry their bliss to the extreme. This love will drive us to bring in the harvest, even at the cost of our lives. The wine of heaven enables a supernatural boldness and freedom from the fear of man. This joy is also called the spirit of a martyr. You don't have to get killed to have this spirit! But you will get blissed!

While on the streets, I led six teenagers to the Lord simultaneously in one prayer. We prayed for a woman in a wheelchair with vertebrae problems, and she felt fire run up her spine. After a word of knowledge, both she and her daughter received the Lord. Some people came forward for prayer, but when we laid hands on them, they felt God's presence and ran off shrieking! A policeman came by to investigate what was going on, with all of the dropped and twitching bodies, screams and laughter. We told him we were praying for people, but when we asked him if he wanted prayer, he ran off and one of the team members chased him down the street!

The key to harvest evangelism is to get blasted in the Spirit and enjoy it! We sometimes bring teams onto the streets with no program or plan in mind. Prophetic evangelism, dream interpretation and other revelatory-based efforts are wonderful. But when we just get whacked in the Spirit, with bodies falling over, shaking and drinking heavily, it seems that God's Glory gets the job done just as easily! Suddenly crowds start to appear, amazed not just at the craziness, but at the obvious fun we are having. Our lives have been laid down, in that we no longer care about the opinions of man. Seeing the joyful manifestations, people start to come up to us and say, "Do that to me!"
Harvesting Lovers
Some try to offer the Lord a harvest in immaturity, and they bear little fruit. True maturity is to get possessed by the Spirit. We are matured by the bliss, and when our joy is ripe it explodes out of us in heart-felt devotion for the world to see. If evangelism seems difficult for you – if it still feels like a dry duty – you are probably still doing it out of obligation or striving for acceptance. You may want to stop altogether for a while and just drink the love of Jesus! When you drink enough, it will eventually spill out. The love will need an escape valve! And a drunken man will do and say things that a sober man will not. If your sacrifice is a work of duty, you must return to the place of pleasure! Then harvest will come as an overflowing work of love. We labor in the fields as a blissful byproduct of our unconditional acceptance.

"God wants you to be a lover. And He wants you to be a working lover. Who you are is the lover, and what you do is the work. You are not to be only a worker who struggles to love God. Instead, you are a lover of God," writes Mike Bickle in The Pleasures of Loving God. "Being lovers is our very identity. It's who we are. We are lovers of God who happen to work, not the other way around. … God wants us to be relationally oriented first, and achievement oriented second."

Our identity – lovers of God – supersedes our actions – fulfilling the Great Commission, etc. Moreover, until we become who we are, we can never fulfill what we've been called to do.

When we get blasted in the love of God, things start to happen around us. Our intimate relationship with God should not be sectioned off from the rest of our lives and cloistered into the prayer closet. God wants to invade the fabric of our lifestyle with the enjoyment of His presence. Actions and fruitfulness are byproducts of a lifestyle of intimacy.

The Great Commission is about to move from a paradigm of work and sacrificial labor to a response of lovesick bridal devotion. There is a place of love that reclines under the apple tree, but there is also an intensity of love that can literally drive us to do great exploits. The apostle Paul said, "The love of Christ compels us …" (2 Cor. 5:14). We literally become love slaves, compelled and driven by a loving passion that burns like fire in our bones. When this is real, and not feigned by a religious spirit, then it becomes contagious. The world is hungry for pure, abandoned pleasure! Stop striving. Stop twisting people's arms to get saved! Get whacked and just watch the little fishies jump into your boat!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fat Disappears, Diamonds Grow, Prostitutes Saved on New England & Maritimes Tour

He does great things past finding out, yes, wonders without number (Job 9:10)

We have just returned from an entire month of meetings, and are excited to report that we have seen the Lord radically ushering in His glory with signs and wonders in New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

Traveling with the entire family, we ventured as far north as Nova Scotia, seeing literally dozens and dozens of miraculous healings during the course of our tour. We have felt a strong call to the region, and we are truly expectant that the awakening winds of Heaven are beginning to stir afresh. A number of churches and groups of believers are contending and partnering for a greater realm of Heaven displayed on the earth, and God is beginning to respond to the hunger.

We saw some breathtaking weight loss miracles, with some people losing more than 20 pounds instantly as God's glory manifested in the meetings. Others reported losses of 12 pounds and so on. In one location, a man reported that the diamonds in his ring doubled in size. This has happened a number of other times recently, with two women reporting that their diamonds supernaturally grew while attending our Engaging the Seer Realm conference in Atlanta last May. Such signs are but a mere token of the realm of creative miracles the Lord is beginning to unlock.
This woman is healed of a thyroid growth as her doctor verifies the miracle in North Carolina, just prior to our New England/Maritimes tour. Two more thyroid healings were reported on the tour.

In Nova Scotia, a man with scar tissue in his abdomen area reported that it completely disappeared. We lost count of deaf ears that were opened through the course of the trip. In one meeting alone in Nova Scotia, we saw up to five people healed of hearing loss and partial deafness. In another meeting in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the Lord healed a number of people who regained their sense of smell. A young person reported that a lost finger was beginning to grow back again on its nub! A young man in Hartford, Vermont reported that his eyesight was restored in one of the meetings.

Cases of chronic pain, bone displacement, severe knee pain, slipped and degenerative discs that were healed are just too many to document. One man in Vermont reported that not only was his back healed, but his torn rotator cuff was healed after decades of pain. Many reported new mobility in their neck, joints and bodies after months or even years of disfunction. In Canada, a man with nerve damage in his foot also regained sensitivity and could feel his foot again, something he could not do before!

A woman in Connecticut reported that her teeth were supernaturally whitened, as the Lord released dental miracles, and another man in Canada reported a gold filling that went all the way through his tooth. The Lord has also released gold dust on a more consistent basis in the meetings.

There were also money miracles reported during the meetings. One woman found $50 supernaturally appear in her Altoids breath mint can! Bob Jones had prophesied that on June 6, the church would be crossing over a spiritual river Jordan. We really felt a strong attachment to this word, and the Lord showed us that part of this deals with a new realm of financial prosperity that was unlocked over the summer. If you've been in a desert for 40 years, one of the first things you will notice when you cross over into the Promise Land is the abundance! On June 6, while we were on Nantucket Island for a meeting, someone donated the use of a $12 million house for us to stay in for the week. This place normally rents for $39,000 a week! And the owner is still a pre-Christian, who said he wanted us to leave "karmic vibrations" in the home! We felt that this was a prophetic indication of where the Lord is taking the church at this time.

In one of the locations, we conducted an outreach in a movie theater, where a number of souls were violently snatched from hell. We invited witches, bisexuals, homeless and even religious people to the event! Three prostitutes and a male escort gave their lives to Jesus, among several others who were saved. The next day, as the male escort was trying to leave down, he was confronted by his pimps and stabbed. The three prostitutes were secretly ushered out of town to a rehabilitation center, but the believer who assisted them was also tracked down by the pimps and was beaten. Her eye was slashed, her arm broken and several of her ribs were kicked in.

Our associate, Shawn Gabie, who also joined us for this event, reported that a witch astroprojected into his room before he left town! It was amazing to see the enemy's camp stirred into such an outrage, but the most exciting part was to reach out to the destitute and see new names written into the Lamb's Book of Life!

We saw the Lord heal a number of thyroid growths and tumors – we've seen three of these vanish completely within a month's time. In Waterville, Maine, two people reported that their ankles, which were swollen due to injuries, shrank back to normal size. One woman reported her ankles were swollen to three times their size, but returned instantly to normal in the Glory.

In Fort St. John, New Brunswick, there were a number of weight loss miracles and healings. Then as two young ladies were giving their lives to the Lord, a loud audible thunder crack amazed them, as God confirmed His love and call on their lives. As they remarked at this, the God of Glory thundered again, sealing them with a sign. Throughout the month, the Lord showed up in a number of other nature signs, including winds, fragrances and even physical tastes of honey could be discerned at times.

It is amazing that we have a fun God who dazzles His children with His wonders. But it is also imperative that we understand about these things, so we do not remain ignorant of the realm of Glory God is releasing among us in this day.

Declare His Glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples (1 Chron. 16:24)

I believe that now is the hour, as Joshua spoke of, when he said, "Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you" (Joshua 3:5). As we prepare our hearts for this present outpouring of God's Spirit, each of us who believe can begin to operate in the phenomenal as the Father has promised us so many times in the scriptures. We pray that these testimonies encourage you as we endeavor together to apprehend the fullness of life in the Kingdom. We pray that your hearts would be strengthened in faith, circumcised of doubt, and above all, bolstered in holy love for the Bridegroom as he uses you to bring the good news of the Kingdom to your own home, church, marketplace or region.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Middle East Update

Thank you for your prayers, as we have just returned from a powerful time in Yemen and Qatar, where we saw the Lord move powerfully. John and two SOT associates from Emerge Wales – Justin Abraham and Dave Vaughan – ministered to hundreds of workers from nations throughout the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon and beyond) and saw dozens of healing miracles, as well as a number of muslims giving their hearts to Jesus. The wildest leg of the trip was no doubt Yemen, where 95 percent of the male population is addicted to drugs and armed to the hilt with swords, AK-47s and practically lawless. This place is a seed-bed for Al-Qaida, the home ground of Osama Bin Laden. The nation is also in the midst of civil war, and we ministered in a region near the war zone while we were there. Our driver, who navigated us for hours through steep mountains with 3,000-6,000 sheer cliff drops, was hesitant to tell anyone at the armed checkpoints that John was from America! Yemen is definitely the wild west of the Arab world. Yet we truly felt that harvest is at hand for the workers there who embrace the present move of God’s Spirit. We also felt prophetically that the Lord wants to release a powerful movement among the women of the region, who are highly oppressed under the culture and the tenets of islam. We also saw the need for more women in church leadership in the region, to counteract this spiritual climate.

Yemen has both an ancient Christian and Jewish heritage, and I (John) felt that the Lord wants to restore these age-old foundations. We believe that God is about to “reverse the year of the white elephant.” In 570 A.D., Yemen’s then Christian ruler launched a military assault against mecca (which was then a place for worship of 160 idols, the chief of which was allah). He rode in on a white elephant, hence the name of the battle. It was a disaster for the Christians, and thanks to a demonic miracle, they were turned back. Mohammad’s grandfather was apparently a hero of the battle, and his grandson was born at that time, eventually turning the people to worship allah alone – the chief pagan idol.

Christianity at that time was being forced by the arm of the flesh, but without supernatural power, the church will never succeed against islam. God is now releasing strategic Elijah power encounters that will turn the nations to the truth. The year of the white elephant was a key advance to the birth of islam, as the church sought to assert its authority without demonstrations of power. If not for this one botched attempt by the “church,” it is not likely that islam would even exist today.

Our programs, church growth strategies and purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive methods that originate in the mind of man will never overcome the demonic powers of islam. But God is releasing a generation of wonderworkers who will live fully possessed by the love and power of God, with no motive but to advance His Kingdom, wiping out strongholds in a day. We believe that Yemen can be a key staging point for such a victory, as the church arises to take her place.

Below we have included a report from Justin Abraham on the trip:

We've just returned from 12 days traveling in the gulf region. The first half of our trip was in Qatar, an oil rich Islamic nation undergoing rapid modernization and development. A very hot place with roadworks and new buildings everywhere, surrounded by sea and deserts. The population is only 1 million, most of these being immigrant workers from Asia, India and other gulf regions. In only a few years, massive skyscrapers have popped up out of nowhere! It's changing rapidly. Here's a picture of Doha the capital...

We held meetings in a sports hall with hundreds coming from all over the gulf region to get whacked in the Glory. We also held gatherings in local churches hidden away in several locations.

Oil flowed from this young girl's hands (above picture) in the meeting and many were touched by God's power. Over the few days we were there we saw many healings from words of knowledge. A convert from Hinduism was covered in gold dust one night, and several others had gold on their hands. The Kingdom is not about talk but power. God is coming to make Himself known.

We took a drive into the desert while we were there. Sand dunes are a lot harder to climb than you think, but the jump down makes it worthwhile! Here are a few pix of the Arabian wanderers in action looking for lizards!

PART 2 of the trip - YEMEN : Crazy Days!

The second part of the trip was in Yemen, one of the oldest civilizations in the world and one of the poorest nations in the region. This place hasn't changed much in hundreds of years. Amazing mountains, steep roads, old villages and men carrying knives and guns. The Queen of Sheba was from here and from the moment we arrived we were getting prophetic downloads of the significance of this place. There is a well of prophecy and wisdom here. I (Justin) saw a vision of God going after the core of Islam and a movement of people migrating up into Saudi Arabia which is north of Yemen. While we were there, prophecy flowed.

Here's a picture of Dave checking out some knives, and a picture of our driver, a local man who made sure we didn't get into trouble! You need a good driver when there's 3,000 ft drops on the side of the road!

The scenery in this part of the world has to be seen. Huge mountain ranges, with sand colored houses rising up out of sheer cliff drops. Into the mountains they've cut ledges to grow crops. It must have taken years to complete. It's an amazing place. The guys chew “khot” each afternoon - a plant which gives a buzz similar to amphetamine. They pack it into the corner of their mouths and chew on it for several hours. It's wild being in a country where there are guns, knives, drugs, a civil war, army checkpoints, pictures of Saddam and extreme Islam. We had a blast!

We visited some local houses to pray for the sick in the North West of the country and spent time encouraging some missionaries in the region. We were able to pray for Muslims in their own homes. One woman came for deliverance from seizures. She gave her heart to the Lord and the Holy Spirit came on her. You could see her face change as God touched her. It was awesome! God is opening doors over there and you can see how miracles will literally turns cities in a day. There is a deep longing in the Nations for something real. Signs and wonders and the glory are the key to seeing regions shift.

Back in the main City in the South we held meetings, healings rooms, and went into a slum part of the city where 7,000 live in a small walled off area. Within five minutes of being there a man was healed of an arm problem. We were invited into a home and prayed for a number of people for healing. About a dozen people crammed into a tiny room. One woman had a problem with her mouth which improved following prayer prompting others to seek healing. We also prophesied destiny over them and blessed them. The glory was so strong we were getting blasted being there the longer we stayed. There was flies and rubbish everywhere but Jesus was there with them. God loves the poor and in these days this is where we will see Him move most powerfully. Here are a few pictures...

Entire nations will turn to Him in the coming years. The fields are white unto harvest. This wildfire God is pouring out in Wales is for the world.

Towards the end of the trip we held a prayer for healing afternoon in one of the houses. People came from all over to get prayer. One girl with cerebral palsy showed big change in her behavior. The parents were delighted. We also saw hindus and muslims come for prayer. Many were healed from words of knowledge. In one room, five of the the ten woman waiting there were made well from joint and leg problems, a damaged tongue, headaches, neck pain, and so on.

We finished the trip with a rare opportunity to go into a school and to prophesy over some of the muslim teachers. God showed us things about their lives and destinies that amazed them. God's presence is so awesome! Finally we met a man who was put in prison for 5 months for being a Christian. We were humbled at the price he is paying everyday just to stand up for Jesus.