Friday, October 07, 2005

Under the Apple Tree Conference Report

Revival Town Olympia's recent Under the Apple Tree Conference explored the depths of God's heart as participants pulled aside to sit under the heavy weight of God's glory. A number of people reported miraculous healings and all received an impartation for experiencing new levels of divine intimacy.

The conference, held at North Thurston Life Center, featured speakers Jason Phillips, founder of Revival Town Ministries; Joe Meyering, pastor of River Glory Church in Seattle; and John Crowder, founder of The New Mystics Ministries and Sons of Thunder Publications.

Jason Phillips opened the conference, bringing a message on the well of intimacy. He discussed the Samaritan woman's encounter with Jesus at the well in John 4. From this single intimate encounter with the Lord, a city was taken with the fires of revival. Even as the woman gave Jesus water to drink, she was offered supernatural water from the River of Life which never runs dry. In the same way, Jason said we must sometimes 'prime the pump" by offering Jesus a cup of water, and from this, He releases an eternal spring.

Jason also spoke about the encounter that costs you everything. God will often catch us unaware, as He did with Saul on the road to Damascus, but in this passing encounter, our lives are wrecked and altered as we redirect all of our dreams and goals to the place of His presence.

Joe Meyering further discussed the glory realm of God's tangible presence, which we are called to cultivate diligently in our lives. Joe shared on the principle of entering God's glory through the gate of praise. Even in adverse situations, our determination to give God praise will violently alter the atmosphere.

Joe pointed out that we are to seek the deep things of God and pursue the hidden message behind the outer manifestations that often accompany God's movement. When Moses was faced with the burning bush, the manifestation of this outward sign only pointed to a deeper reality. There was a voice that came out of the bush. The manifestation had a message, and it all points to Jesus. Joe discussed how all things point to this intimate place of communion with the Lord.

John Crowder discussed the believer's identity as a lover. John said that the only reason we love God is because He first loved us. By focusing and meditating on God's immense love for us, we are able to have our own responsive capacity for loving God expanded. John said it is important to understand the beauty of holiness through which Jesus looks at His church, in order to grasp our true identity as the spotless, perfect bride.

John also discussed the tangible power to bear fruit that we receive by sitting under the apple tree in the presence of God. In John 15, Jesus 'appointed" His disciples to bear fruit that will last. John noted that Jesus literally ordains us, places power upon us, with an empowering anointing to bear much fruit in our ministries, our homes, our jobs and our lives in general. All fruitfulness comes from the place of intimacy with God, because His presence is literally a place of spiritual fertility and conception from the supernatural realm.

Many people were radically touched by God's presence throughout the course of the conference. Some reported deliverance from demonic strongholds. There was also an outbreak of miracles on Saturday night as people were healed of eye problems, knee, joint and muscular afflictions. A woman who was confined to a wheelchair experienced greater mobility in her legs, arms and back. A welder, whose eyes had been gradually seared over time was healed over a cell phone call during the ministry time. All in all, the entire congregation was laid low under the weighty presence of God, and several were filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time.