Friday, October 07, 2005

Ministry Update: Alcan to the Atlantic

Hello! As I write this, I am in Wales, after flying out for a month of ministry in England and the Ukraine. It has been several weeks since our last update or weekly teaching. Since that time, we have left Alaska, traveled through the Yukon and settled into Mission, British Columbia, our temporary home base, from which we will be launching out over the next six months.

While we plan to resume our online teachings shortly, these will be interspersed with revival reports from the road. We will be continuing our current discussion on the believer's identity as the bride of Christ. We shared some fresh revelation on this subject at the recent Under the Apple Tree Conference with Revivaltown Ministries in Olympia, Wash. last month. We ministered there just before settling into Mission. The conference was marked by miracles, as well as an intense download of divine intimacy. People were even getting healed over cell phones as the healing anointing was released. Be sure to read the full attached report for more information, and we will make the CDs and DVDs from the conference available soon.
Our trip to Canada began with a financial miracle. We were still waiting on $25,000 needed for ministry traveling expenses, but we hit the road anyway, trusting that God would make it happen. By the time we reached B.C., we learned that a large donation had been secured, giving us more than $20,000!

One prophetic highlight over the past several weeks was giving our infant, Ezekiel Sozo, his first solid food: manna. Our friends Joe and Dani Meyering of River Glory Church in SeaTac had some literal manna that supernaturally appeared at one of their conferences. After taking communion with it, we gave some to the baby – perhaps the first infant in roughly 3,500 years to eat manna as his first solid meal since Israel wandered in the desert. The symbolism may run deeper than we realize.

We recently completed the Miracles, Signs and Wonders conference, which brought another powerful display of the supernatural. Dozens of people reported healings, including many who had metal pins, rods and plates literally dissolve from their bodies.
The healing anointing has rested heavily in the meetings here in Wales, and the spirit of revival is thick in the air. We are truly contending for the restoration of the wells dug by Evan Roberts and others during the Welsh Revival of 100 years ago. We will discuss the Wales meetings and several prophetic downloads the Lord is giving us for the region in our next revival report.
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