Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Revival Report U.K.: 'England will Sail Again'

We recently completed a ministry tour of England, where we participated in four separate healing/open heavens conferences, following a trip to Wales. Literally hundreds experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ out of the thousands who attended the events. It was a time of equipping, impartation and release for the church.

Throughout the course of the trip, the Lord heavily impressed upon me that England will "sail again," as a major sending nation in the coming global revival. There has always been a strong governmental mantle on the body of Christ in England, as well as a strong revelation on the majesty of God. England will continue to be a forefront nation in the harvest, and this is largely connected with the godly heritage and timed release of the prayers of the saints throughout the ages there.

Even now, the Lord is raising up a generation of young English revivalists that will rival the likes of the great British preachers of the past. While in England, I had the opportunity to visit the chapel of John Wesley in Bristol. I knelt and prayed by his bed in the preacher's quarters above the sanctuary and asked that his same mantle would come upon my own life. Standing in Wesley's pulpit, I was overwhelmed by the idea that from this very spot, revival was launched that would sweep the Americas. In the same way, the Lord is continuing to build spiritual bridges between England and the States like never before. Even as the prophet Malachi tells us that the spirit of Elijah is sent in the last days to turn the hearts of the fathers and the sons back to one another, in the same way, this principle applies to entire churches, movements and nations. And as England is a true father nation to the States, I sensed a release of the Father's heart that is about to reconnect the two lands. This is something perhaps even greater than the great alliances known during the world wars. Father England will be a critical player in turning the prodigal heart of America.

The team joined up with Ryan Wyatt, Wesley Campbell, Bobby Conner, Paul Keith Davis, Shawn Bolz and Trevor Baker in England. I also enjoyed great fellowship with revivalist Charlie Robinson. Throughout the several weeks of ministry, we prophesied into hundreds of lives as the Lord moved powerfully. Here's a brief play-by-play on a few of the highlights:

Just prior to the Exeter conference, the Lord showed me a vision of a deep turning in the city's foundations. Exeter is an ancient city, founded by the Romans. But of particular interest, I had an uncanny sense that the Ark of the Covenant had somehow passed through the city streets before. This was quite random, and I would not venture to say this as historical fact (although I later learned there are some who believe King Jehoiachin's sons fled to Britain after the Babylonian defeat of Israel). I have no speculations about the literal ark; however, I did sense that the Lord was reviving a deep foundational work relating to His glory in the streets that would be revealed again.
Several people found diamonds that supernaturally appeared in the Exeter meetings, and dozens of people came forward to testify of physical healings during the conference there.

Although there were phenomenal healings and a lot of angelic activity in the Bath meetings, I would rather discuss a brief, humorous encounter I had in Bath Abbey, a 500-year-old cathedral built in 1499, whose roots go back nearly a thousand years earlier.
Walking through the massive, stone and stained-glass structure, one could feel the solemn religiosity of the visitors whispering along in awe of "the place." Dozens of plaques and busts were erected along the walls in honor of large benefactors, many of whom were freemasons.

Although I have deep respect for the Anglican stream, the Holy Ghost began stirring in me, and I had to follow His lead. We noticed a vicar make an announcement from a lofty carved wooden pulpit in the cathedral. My friend and I ventured to guess whether anyone had ever spoken in tongues from that pulpit in its 500 years of existence. This was "high church" at its highest – a very proper place – and the first king of England had been coronated here. But I was reminded of the reckless boldness of George Fox, and when my friend sweetened the pot with a monetary bet, I stepped over the velvet rope and made my way up the spiraling steps to the cathedral's pulpit. Leaning over to the microphone, I began to speak, "Shaba … shaba … boomba …"

For 30 seconds, I spoke in tongues, as every head in the place could be heard audibly squeaking to turn my way. As I stepped down, I saw the "important lady" making a bee-line my way, to quickly chide, "What on earth do you think you were doing?"

"Speaking in tongues."
"Well, that was very rude. Do not do that again!"
"Do what? Speak in tongues?"

I cordially agreed not to cross the velvet rope again. My mission was accomplished. I may well have made history that day, though my name will probably never make it onto one of those plaques.

It is also interesting that Bath, named after the Roman baths still in existence there today, were never dedicated to a specific Roman god as was typical of the culture. In fact, there is a John 5 healing well springing forward in the church of Bath, and as the Apostle Paul told the Greeks who worshipped the "unknown god," it can again be said that "Now what you worship as something unknown, I am going to proclaim to you" (Acts 17:23).

The team was warmly welcomed by the staff and volunteers of the River Centre in Tonbridge/Kent. The Spirit of God is moving powerfully there, and theirs is a remarkable testimony of God's provision toward those who sow generously as givers in the Kingdom.

When the congregation was still meeting in a rented hall, the Lord prompted them to give away all of their savings, about $60,000. At the time, they gave half of it to Heidi Baker's ministry in Mozambique, just as catastrophic floods struck the country, not realizing that the Bakers only had $5 in their bank account. Now, the Lord has multiplied this generosity tremendously – giving the church a modern, $12 million facility and youth café, with further plans to expand! God is amazing! Giving is a cornerstone of the Kingdom, and should be as natural and regular a part of our Christianity as worship, prayer and other spiritual disciplines. It seems that the folks in Tonbridge have a true grip on this principle. The Lord multiplies seed to the sower! Just this week, in fact, the Lord prompted our own ministry to sow $200, and within two days, we had received $2,000.

In the same way, our generosity opens doors for spiritual blessings. Sometimes the reaping is immediate, and other times it is long-term. For instance, while in Tonbridge, I prayed for a 9-year-old girl who was deaf in one ear, and her hearing was restored immediately that night. I also prayed for a blind boy there, about 6 years old, who was not healed completely on the spot. However, he was still able to count my fingers! That's a great start, but we're still contending for everything the Lord paid for him on the cross.

It is important that we not lose faith because of our lack of patience. After a seed is sown, we must wait for harvest. It is both by faith and patience that we inherit the promises. Nevertheless, the Lord is accelerating the time between seed time and harvest in this hour, so much in fact that the plowman is overtaking the reaper. The key is to find fertile, fruitful soil and sow into the glory. We want to invest in those places where God is moving, because we want to support what He supports!

Our United Kingdom tour came to a close with ministry in Dudley. There was a true move of intimacy and brokenness there. As Paul Keith shared, a tangible open heavens was evident as a canopy of glory descended upon the conference. Outside of the conference, the Lord was moving as well. At one point, I found myself interpreting dreams and prophesying over a group of young people at the Chicken Hut!

Again, prepare to see a fresh wave of young revivalists rising up from the U.K. that will change the spiritual climate of the world. England has a rich heritage in the spirit, but there is still more to come! Watch as she unfurls her sails and sets out for the nations once again.