Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Europe-Mid-East Revival Report -- New Evangelism Technique Pioneered by Getting 'Whacked' in Wales

Although it has been a month since our time in Wales, Holland and the Middle East, we have wanted to issue a revival report to honor the Lord and the notable things He has done during this ministry tour. We saw the spontaneous appearance of diamonds and gemstones, many miracles of healing and instant weight loss, and overall experienced a tremendous weight of the Glory of God.

The Lord healed a number of people of conditions of deafness in Wales when we arrived in September, along with other notable healings. There were also a number of people who were saved on the streets through “Buzz Evangelism!” Hooking up with the Emerge Wales team, headed by Justin Abraham and Dave Vaughan, we spent the mornings getting intoxicated in the new wine. Then, in the afternoons, once we were full and spilling over with the Glory, we hit the streets of Cardiff. Besides doing dream interpretation, we also held up a sign that read “Free Buzz.” Then we prayed for people to feel a touch of God’s presence.

“So many people stopped to ask for a free buzz. We prayed for them and many people were impacted,” writes Abraham about the trip. “We saw around 10 people get saved. One guy we prayed for shook as the Holy Spirit moved on him, some cried, others just looked blessed. While this was happening, a woman came up to us with a bad foot, we prayed for her and she was instantly healed. Some of the stories are awesome. We also did dream interpretation and destiny words. God is revealing the secrets of the heart to show people His love. People are so hungry out there. They are looking for Him.”

During the nights, we held revival meetings, where we also connected with Gary and Sarah Morgan, as the Lord released a powerful wave of prophetic declarations over the nation. One night, a young woman found a diamond in one of the meetings. After she went home, she found two more gems!

In the nights we saw intercession for the nation, prophecy released, and several miracles including healings from deafness and a hernia, and weight loss (a whole dress size!). Some of the kids from the housing estate gave their hearts to the Lord, and were visibly touched. One boy cried outside as Ann sang over him. People are so hungry for Him. The kids loved the prayer and kept asking for more,” writes Abraham.

The Lord continued to move powerfully as we joined Mattheus van der Steen and his wife Rebekah in Holland. Mattheus, founder of TRIN, has been hosting conferences in the nation and sponsoring major evangelism campaigns around the world. Hundreds were activated, filled and baptized afresh (many for the first time) in the Holy Spirit as we ministered in Holland with Mattheus. The weight loss miracles continued, as one lady lost several dress sizes. The next day she returned to the meetings, wearing new clothes, and by the end of the meeting, even the new clothes didn’t fit! (We recently received another report from a woman in Florida where we ministered who lost 32 pounds in the Glory!)

The Lord healed quite a number of infirmities. He also sent supernatural fragrances and a breeze blew through the building during one of the meetings. Some reported receiving gold fillings in their teeth, and many were challenged to take hold of supernatural Christianity.

Ministering at TRIN during the Feast of Trumpets, we took time to prophesy and release regional destiny words into the coming year. We feel that a fresh fire is beginning to burn in the nation of Holland.

John also traveled to the Middle East for a ministry trip to Cairo during this time. Due to scheduling and airline problems, the trip was cut short and we could not hold our public meetings. However, John was able to spend some time encouraging local missionaries there in Egypt. He also prayed with several locals and a young muslim convert was filled with the Holy Spirit.