Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Signs & Wonders Mark California Tour

It has been some time since our last update, and we pray that the Lord is moving mightily in your midst. So much has happened over the past month and a half that we will be sending out a few separate revival reports, just to give honor to what the Lord is doing in terms of the supernatural. We have completed two separate tours: one of California, and another of Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the Lord notched up the spiritual atmosphere locally in Georgia with the Sons of Thunder Fire by Night Conference. Someone was actually raised from the dead after one of the meetings! We will send out a few extra updates over the next few weeks to chronicle the works of God we have seen – some of which will blow you away!

With so much of the miraculous being poured out on the hungry today, we are convinced that it is a matter of “feast or famine” in the Kingdom. Some may wonder why God would move so mightily in certain circles, and not others, but we are convinced that this is regular, ordinary Christianity – and in fact, what we are seeing is very sub par compared to the levels of glory and power we are being offered through the shed blood of Jesus Christ! As Jesus said, “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him” (Luke 8:18). Now is not the time to pretend God is moving in our lives and ministries, when He is really not! When we humble ourselves, acknowledge our spiritual bankruptcy and ask for “gold refined in the fire,” God will lift us up and infuse us with power for the harvest. Now is not the time to be pessimistic towards God’s power, just because we may lack it! Instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, or that we are already on the cusp of what God is doing – let us have the attitude of humility, hunger and pursuit – continually pressing in with wonder to the new things the Lord is doing in our midst!

Disappearing Diamonds and Indoor Rain in Florida
Prior to launching on our California trip, we visited Pastor Michele Duarte and Living Waters Church in Altamonte Springs, Fla. The Lord released a strange phenomenon in the meetings, as small diamonds would appear all over the floor. However, when you go to pick them up, they disappear in your hand! After that, we began contending more for the “habitation” of the diamonds, instead of just a “visitation” of them! For more info on the gemstones the Lord is releasing today, we would recommend checking out the videos on Following our California tour, gems began to appear in our meetings in Wales, which we will discuss in a later revival report.

Another strange sign the Lord gave during the Florida meetings was that it began to rain in the building, during the service, as the glory of God began to rest thickly. This was also repeated in Wales, with visible water drops on our bodies! The Lord is truly pouring out His latter rains, and it is time to ask for them! (Zech. 10).

During the course of the Florida meetings, we hit the streets with the Living Waters family, and encountered a group of young people openly worshipping satan in a park at night. Our children heard this and immediately stretched out their hands and began praying in tongues. I got hammered by the Holy Spirit, and just danced over to them speaking in tongues, saying, “I have more power in my pinkie than all the antichrists of hell, because Almighty God lives inside of me!” Immediately, several of the girls began to manifest demons, shrieking and running away. Two of the young men received the Lord, and one got whacked by the Holy Spirit, sprawled out on the grass in a trance!

California Ablaze: Literally!
Prior to traveling to California for our West Coast tour, the Lord showed us a vision of the state being set ablaze with revival fire. By the time we reached Redlands, Calif., a literal wildfire broke out in the town, burning 2,000 acres! Pastor Joe Delgado of Church on the Hill in Redlands noted that wildfires have coincided with all of their conferences, when Todd Bentley and others came to minister.

Our California tour began with our friends Steve and Ginny Maddox, founders of Oasis, in Oceanside, Calif. Holding a meeting in San Marcos, at The Movement, the Lord opened deaf ears. A young man reported that a metal rod in his arm had dissolved when we prayed for the Lord to remove metal plates and pins from bodies. Throughout the tour as a whole, the Lord healed dozens of cases of arthritis, bone and organ problems, backs, knees and joints. At least half a dozen deaf received their hearing back (we lost count!) A woman in Sonora, Calif. reported that a knot on her head from an aneurism shrank. In Laguna Niguel, a man with no feeling from the elbow down to the tip of his fingers received and instant healing. His nervous system was restored, and all the numbness left his hand and arm completely. Also in Laguna Niguel, a woman supernaturally received back her sense of smell. A number of people experienced instant weight loss miracles throughout the trip.

While we were in the state, Steve Maddox introduced us to Harold Bredesen, the “father” of the charismatic movement. Harold has served as counselor to several presidents and foreign leaders, having worked to broker peace in the Middle East years ago with Anwar Sadat. He is also known for leading Pat Robertson into the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Harold has experienced many decades of the supernatural, having been transported miraculously from one geographical place to another, among other bizarre happenings. This was definitely a highlight of the trip!

Someone prophesied that the Lord was “laying tracks” during this trip, which we would continually run on and build with in the future. Lily was raised in California as a child, and we feel a natural connection and call to see the area encounter the glory of God. We feel that the Lord wants to restore that same fire of revival that Lonnie Frisbee kindled in California years ago in the realm of power evangelism and spiritual encounter.

Angels Stir the Waters
During our time in Redlands, the Lord caught John up into a visionary experience, where he floated into a William Branham meeting, and Branham struck John with a lightning bolt. Following this experience, there has been an increase in operating in coordination with the angelic in our meetings. Branham would often wait for angels to show up or do certain things in his meetings before he was activated to release healing or miracles. During our meetings in San Andreas, with our friends John and Lois Land, the Lord showed us one night that an angel was going to “stir the waters” in one part of the room.

That night, the Lord brought a release of the Spirit of revelation, enabling many to encounter the Third Heaven corporately. The meeting went long, and I was secretly waiting for the angelic activity to begin. While I did not tell anyone about the angel coming, I knew that a sign of his release would be that a certain woman would begin to manifest the Spirit of God in that part of the room. Finally, in the late hours, a holy drunkenness began to descend, and someone began to literally splash this particular woman with a water bottle! The stirring of the waters had begun, and this woman began to shake with the presence of God.

Immediately, I sent everyone out on the streets. The entire church ran out the door, filling the city street with shouts and dancing, as the Lord released a healing wave. The angelic timing was perfect, as two young men happened to be passing by. Both were saved and one was healed. Here is John Land’s account of the night:

“John Crowder was there and said he would just talk till the power of God came. The Holy Spirit told him that there would be a significant stirring of the spiritual waters that night. He suggested that we all share our water and believe that God would pour out His Spirit. One of the zealots (Ronda Lopez) went crazy and threw water on one of the ladies sitting next to her. That did it; the angels moved. Within seconds, about 25 people were out in the middle of the street as John Crowder and those gathered proclaimed healings, weight loss, salvations. And God was moving powerfully. Some actually were laying down under the power of heaven on the asphalt. Cars were being asked to drive around the seemingly heaven possessed group of shouting, praying and rejoicing.

The people in the bar (next door) came out and were marveling at this drunken behavior. John Land, the apparent leader of this inebriated band, called across Highway 49 for two gang banger types to come across the highway and receive what God was doing. They immediately ran across the highway and joined the crowd of excited animated Christians. John Crowder asked them if they were injured or sick. One of the guys said his ******** (expletive) shoulder was injured. John prayed and he seemed to get some relief. They both gave their lives to the Lord right in the middle of the street.”

Another young man gave his life to the Lord in San Andreas and we baptized him on the spot with a water bottle! The Lord is pouring out His Spirit in unprecedented, unlimited proportions to those who will move beyond just “being open” to the stuff. The anointing must be pursued at all costs. As we draw near to God, He will draw near to us!