Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Holy Ghost Sloshfest Conference Report

The New Mystics and Homer Healing Ministries recently held our first joint conference, which was really more of a “soaking festival” than a conference. Holy Ghost Sloshfest: A Supernatural School of Drinking was a wonderful time of refreshing, impartation and reveling in the presence of God at Shekinah Revival Center in Homer, Alaska. The festival’s focus was on the empowering outpouring of the new wine of God’s spirit.

The wine spills over into a service at Refuge Chapel as Jim Drown ministers, following the conference. Also pictured are Jason Phillips, Paul Hueper, John Crowder and Dan Dunn (background).

Jim Drown, South American missionary and founder of Drown in His Love Ministries spoke on the river of God that flows from the temple in Ezekiel 47, encouraging everyone to step so deeply into that river that they can no longer touch bottom. He spoke on the fruitfulness that comes from relinquishing control of your life totally to God and the movement of His Spirit. He pointed out that the wine and infilling of the Spirit is not something to be selfishly fostered, but it is to be released to the nations for the harvest. Jim has led more than 200,000 souls to Christ in South America and around the world, a strong testimony to the empowering that comes from drinking the wine of Heaven.

Jim also discussed the playfulness of Father God with His children, and how He desires that we not be drunk with wine, but filled with the Spirit. Before the night was over, He had everyone drinking “Godka,” “God-wiser” and puffing the glory cloud, “Jehovah-wanna.” He mentioned how the drug culture is simply a counterfeit and unholy substitute for real supernatural experience with the Lord. He shared stories of how drinking the new wine has brought deliverance from bondage to many addicts.

The Proctor family gets sloshed. It is unclear whether Jesse actually fell out of his seat.

Elisha’s Request from Olalla, Wash. – Mike, Penny, Rebekah, Hannah and Jesse – led each session in intimate, ground-breaking worship. Hearts were softened, and wineskins were oiled and renewed through their passionate release of the atmosphere of Heaven.

The Lord ushered in waves of liberty and freedom during the worship sessions. There was a lot of contending in the Spirit, and there was a lot of spiritual territory that was taken. During the worship sessions, many of the younger children danced and prayed for the adults soaking on the carpet.

Healing revivalist Jason Phillips ministers.

Jason Phillips, of Revivaltown Ministries in Olympia, Wash. also helped tend the bar of Heaven, filling in as a special guest speaker at the conference. He carried a heavy impartation of the Father’s heart for intimacy, drawing attention to Jesus’ statement, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him” (Jn. 7: 37-38).

I will admit, I was carried off into Heaven somewhere while he was speaking, and I can’t really remember everything he talked about. It was seriously that good! I’ll have to listen to the CDs again. In the place of God’s presence, we don’t always know what is happening, but He is depositing things into our spirit that may surface days, weeks, years down the road. As we learn to trust Him and relinquish control to Him more and more, we learn that God knows what He is doing, even when we don’t!

Most of the speakers had to be dragged up to the front at some point, in order to speak, as the heavy weight of God’s glory descended. Needless to say, whatever religious spirits were left lingering could not withstand the disco ball by the second night (yes, we had a real, live disco ball going in the middle of the services) and the fire tunnels ensured that everyone got plastered in God’s love.

This is not an anointed glam rock duo. Just Mike Proctor and John. What appears to be a well-formed beer gut on John has nothing to do with drinking new wine and is not a side effect of the conference.

John Crowder, of The New Mystics (that’s me), shared about stepping into your season of fruitfulness – about bearing early fruit, even outside of its natural season – in preparation for the coming of the Lord (see Mark 11). I shared about waiting on God, and allowing the fruit of intimacy to ferment and come alive, but I also released a prophetic declaration calling forth our season of fruitfulness today. I spoke about how our natural limitations are not a good enough excuse to keep us from living a supernatural lifestyle. We cannot wait forever for full maturity and thus become complacent. Now is the time for bearing fruit; now is the time for revival; and now is the time to drink!

I spoke on changing the water of the Word (the scriptures and principles of the faith) into wine (the living, tangible, incarnate reality of the supernatural realm). The Lord also showed me in a vision that He was releasing the “Keg of Genesis 3.” This is the wine that comes from the fruit of the Tree of Life, which was once withheld from us because of sin. But now, we all have open access to this tree – Jesus, on the cross, and from Him pours the wine of His blood.

Since everyone responds differently to the anointing, we offered a historic perspective on physical manifestation during past revivals, and encouraged everyone to press into the loving presence of God, regardless of outward manifestations, fears or feelings in the soul realm. As the spiritual atmosphere intensified, there was deliverance that took place, and a number of people were supernaturally healed of physical ailments.

Victor releases an impartation during the conference. If you look closely, you can see John doing crunches in the fetal position.

Victor Hernandez, of Pierced Passion Ministries, served up the best wine that was saved for the last night of the conference. Most everyone was stuck to the floor, many drooling in ecstasy by the end of the night. Some stayed until 2 a.m., unable to move under the kabod glory. Victor released a heavy impartation and brought forth a captivating vision of the cross.

He told of how he was once offended by the workings of the Holy Spirit, and how he thought “river junkies” were disrespecting God by the way they acted under the anointing. He shared his testimony of being wrecked in God’s presence shortly after that, and he was unable to even walk to class during Bible school, because of the anointing. He had to be dragged from place to place. He also shared of how he was regularly kicked out of church services because of how God caused him to manifest, which offended people. But this incubation period in the anointing birthed a powerful ministry. Now, Victor, only 21 years old, is leading hundreds to the Lord and holding mass crusades throughout Mexico and South America.

You will know them by their fruit!

I have attended certain conferences that seemed good at the time, but little did I know how impacting the long-term fruit of them would be until years later. I have a feeling that this was a similar type of conference. The Lord was doing a lot of under-the-surface stuff on a lot of people that will continue to ferment over time.