Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sons of Thunder 2005 Year in Review

Happy New Year! The past year has been a busy one and truly a breakthrough season for us. We would like to take the time to extend our appreciation to those of you who have partnered with us in 2005. We would also like to take the opportunity to provide a recap of much of what the Lord has done in our lives and ministry over the past year.

Early in the year, John finished his book, The New Mystics, about the coming Joel’s Army generation, which chronicles a number of miracle workers and forerunners from the past and present. We also had an addition to the family – Ezekiel Sozo Crowder – while the family was still doing local ministry in Alaska.
Happy New Year from the Crowders!

We held a number of revival meetings in Alaska. When John delivered a message on the Spirit of Burning there early this year, a 5,000-acre wildfire broke out near the town the same day. In July, we also sponsored our first conference in Alaska, Holy Ghost Sloshfest – a joyful soaking festival in which we partnered with Homer Healing Ministries with revivalists Jim Drown, Victor Hernandez, Jason Phillips and John for a time of refreshing and impartation.

In June, John joined up with Revival Town Ministries in Olympia, Washington for the Supernatural Generation conference, with Keith Miller and Charlie Robinson. We have truly felt a divine alliance with Jason Phillips and Revival Town, and John returned in September for their Under the Apple Tree conference. There were a number of healing waves released at each of these conferences, with people even getting healed over their cell phones!

Overall, we have participated in numerous events throughout the United States and Canada. We relocated the family temporarily to Mission, British Columbia in September, and we’ve joined up with a number of events in the B.C. area, including the Signs and Wonders Conference in the fall. There, the Lord showed a powerful display of His power. Dozens of people reported healings, including many who had metal pins, rods and plates literally dissolve from their bodies.

John traveled for a month of healing meetings in Wales and England, where he went with a team to Bath, Exeter, Dudley and Tonbridge. The Lord effected many healings in Wales alone, including several notable miracles. A man was healed after being unable to walk properly from a broken back 10 years ago. A woman was healed of a strange disease that caused her to lose her fingerprints, and her fingerprints were restored! In England, John prayed for a young girl whose deaf ear opened, and a young blind boy was able to count the fingers on his hand after prayer.
John ministers at a conference in fall 2005.

On a personal note, this trip was historic for John, as he was able to visit the gravesite of Welsh revivalist Evan Roberts at Moriah Chapel, as well as the chapel and quarters of John Wesley in Bristol. There, John prayed that the same spirit of awakening and anointing that rested on these men would again be released to effect revival in the nations today.

From England, the team traveled to Kiev, Ukraine, seeking to step into some powerful destiny words spoken over the region by major prophetic voices such as Bob Jones and Bobby Conner. Those men had prophesied that one of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen would be sparked in Kiev among the youth and that it would spread into Russia. During a four-day miracle festival, there were 5,600 in attendance, with several ministries joining forces. In Kiev, 54 surrendered their lives to the Lord, and there were delegates from Siberia, Romania, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and Moldova.

We participated in a number of other conferences and meetings in America from coast to coast before the year’s end. We traveled to Vancouver for Vancouver Ablaze. Later, John met up with Keith Miller in Texas, where Patricia King, David Herzog, Bobby Conner and Keith held Dallas Ablaze. Later, John held meetings in his hometown of Griffin, Ga. where more than half the congregation received physical healing in just one service, including the pastor’s wife’s left ear opening up and a girl receiving improved eyesight. And just before Christmas, John spoke at a conference in Santa Rosa, Calif., where the Lord also released a display of His presence and power.
Nova, 2, ministers under the glory.

What a great year! The Lord is moving powerfully today, but not just through a single man or ministry. This healing revival is in the streets, among the people and available for any and all who hunger to carry the torch. We are truly seeing the sons and daughters rise up to take hold of our corporate destiny. And the glory goes to no person or ministry, but to the Lord of Hosts who is rallying His mighty last days army.

Throughout the year, we have literally prophesied to and laid hands on thousands to receive the healing anointing and to operate in the Spirit of revelation. Many have been saved and healed. But with all the power ministry and testimonies swirling about, it is important to remember the more weighty aspects of the kingdom: intimacy with the Lord, strong family relationships, healed hearts, healthy marriages and this:

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world (James 1:27).

As we move on into 2006, we have big dreams and big vision. Part of that vision is to start working toward an orphanage project in the nations. While Sons of Thunder has sown a percentage of its income into mercy ministry and orphans over the years, we are even now orchestrating a larger project than we have ventured before. We will be sending out more information soon, as details develop. Please be in prayer with us on this effort!

As for our family, we would like to express our appreciation for all of your prayers and financial support. Every step that the Kingdom of God has advanced through us also goes equally into your spiritual account. Thank you for partnering with us for changed lives, souls and the glory of the Lord. This has been a joint work among all of us who have labored together. May the Lord bless you tremendously as we look forward to all the Lord has for us in the coming year!